Joy Behar has agreed to host an hourlong talk show on Current TV starting this September, tentatively titled The Joy Behar Show, in the struggling channel's 6 p.m. slot.

The move follows the comedian and political maven's previously failed talk show on CNN's HLN. That stint was marked by an odd mix of pop culture, politics and humor, but ended in November when HLN switched to emphasizing crime stories.

Current said The Joy Behar Show will showcase Behar's trademark sense of humor and unique brand of conversation and provide her with a platform to discuss the latest headlines, pop culture events and anything else that comes to mind.

Current will preview Behar's show the week of June 18 at 8 p.m., when Eliot Spitzer goes on vacation. It is billed as Joy Behar: One Week Only* Until Fall.

The new iteration will not take away from Behar's duties on The View, the daily morning soapbox where she can face off and yammer on about her left-leaning political views against the likes of Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

Current has struggled to find success in its stated niche as cable TV's progressive, liberal news channel. The Al Gore-started venture underwent growing pains. It has attempted to trump MSNBC's liberal alternative to Fox News persona by hiring Keith Olbermann, a marriage that ended acrimoniously this winter. Olbermann reportedly could not handle the fledgling channel's growing pains and technical glitches, and in exchanges with management eventually ended up getting fired.

It'll be a different show, although her popularity on 'The View' is a huge asset for us, Current CEO Joel Hyatt told Variety. The respect and affection that that enormously large audience has for her will hopefully follow to our platform.

The executive called Behar's signing a nod to the channel's aggressive, strategic move aimed at taking on more viewers during primetime hours.

Behar appears to be a better fit than Olbermann, with her political rants on The View known to be informed but also humorous. That sense of humor may also immunize her against Olbermannesque disputes over technical glitches.