Judge William Adams -- the family court-at-law judge from Aransas County, Texas who was caught on video beating his daughter with a belt -- has been suspended with pay by the Texas Supreme Court.

In recent weeks, Judge Adams has found himself deep in a scandal after his daughter Hillary posted a seven year-old video to YouTube showing her father screaming at her and hitting her repeatedly with a belt for downloading music online.

The video sparked an immediate outrage across the country, with thousands of people calling in to the both the Aransas county court house and the Rockland, Texas town police department to demand justice. Additionally, protestors both against and in support of Adams have picketed outside the judge's office.

While local and state sheriffs have decided not to file criminal charges against Judge Adams, the suspension is his latest trouble. A restraining order against Adams was filed by his ex-wife, who is also in the video, barring him from seeing his 10-year-old daughter without permission. Adams is now in the midst of a custody battle over the child.

His reputation has also been seriously damaged. Since the video came out, Texas attorney David Sibley filed a Bill of Review with the Aransas court, calling Adams a bald face liar who abused his position, according to KRIS TV.

Judge Adams created nonexistent law, Sibley wrote in the filing, stating that children are 'fantasizers' and the statements of children amount to 'no evidence'. The child's statements were corroborated in several ways and were believable.

Specifically, he concealed the fact that a primary care giver was homicidal, suicidal, hallucinatory, psychotic, heavily drugged, etc

The big picture is that Judge Adams corrupted the legal proceeding. He did this through fraudulent corrupt orders.

Adams has still not admitted guilt for beating his daughter Hillary, who was 16 in the video. Spanking and other similar disciplinary measures are not illegal in Texas, and the statue of limitations for using excessive force is four years.

Earlier this month, Adams told reporters that he was simply disciplining his daughter for committing a crime, and did not see anything wrong with his actions.

In my mind I haven't done anything wrong other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing, Adams stated.

I did lose my temper, but I've since apologized, it looks worse than it is. There's a story behind it and it will come out in due time.