Justin Bieber engaged with his fans via Twitter for help on his latest album. trying to figure out the name of this christmas album. it is special. we are going to raise alot for charity with it. what is a good name? he wrote early Friday morning.

The 17 year-old star will be releasing his second studio album in over a year since his last, My World 2.0. His first album, My World, was technically not a full album, but an EP. His album will feature classic covers as well as Bieber originals.

He currently has over 12 million followers on Twitter and each one is burning which suggestions for this upcoming Christmas release.

how about justin bieber christmas fever ?

a change for christmas is a good name i think..

Belieber Christmas

a good name would be A Christmas Of Love

Santa's coming Just(in) time!

Smile, its christmas (:


i think bieber has to come up with a name his self

Bieber has not confirmed if he will actually take a name a fan has suggested. Perhaps if one fits the Bieber style, we will see it on the cover. It also unknown exactly which charity will benefit from the proceeds of the album. Whichever one is sure to be booming from the profits.

Bieber's first release in 2009, My World, was certified platinum in the US. He is the first artist to have seven songs from a debut album on the Billboard Hot 100. His next album debuted at number 1 and was also certified platinum. Fans are excited hear the contents of this new album and watch as it rises to the top of the charts.

Watch Justin Bieber in an interview where he talks about the upcoming Christmas album (skip to 2:29.)