Justin BIeber has been working a lot in the studio these days. He recently tweeted fans about being in the studio with older brother Sean Kingston. He also hit Twitter to ask fans about a name for his upcoming Christmas. A few weeks ago, the Biebs mentioned a remix he was working on of Drake's song Trust Issues. He finally dropped the track on Aug. 28, just before the MTV VMAs.

Bieber is a fan of Drake as the two are both from Canada. However, Bieber still took the liberty to change some things in Drake's dirty lyrics. Despite its sweet and serene melody, the lyrics to Drizzy's Trust Issues are quite filthy at times. As the YMCMB solider sings about contempt for manipulative woman, he belts out, 'You know what I'm sippin'/ I teach you how to mix it/ But you're the only one, 'cause I don't trust these b----es,' MTV News reported.

Bieber cleaned up the lyrics by eliminating the curse words and changing the subject of drinking and smoking to other activities. Instead of: I'mma sip until I feel it, I'mma smoke it till it's done, Bieber sings, I'mma sing until I feel it, I'mma go till it's done.

I wish he would've left all the cuss words in it. I feel like that would've been so G, if he would've done all the swearing, Drake told MTV News. I was excited when I heard he remixed it, because there was like a gang of swearing in that song. I was like, 'Oh, we're about to hear the transformation of Bieber,' he continued.

Bieber actually does make a transformation--not lyrically, but in the sound of his voice. Beliebers have never heard the young singer's voice as deep as it is in this track.

...Trust Issues with Justin Bieber oh my gosh! is like an angel's voice on my ears everytime i listen it! :o, a fan wrote on Twitter. Song of the Day: 'Trust Issues (Remix)' - Drake Feat. Justin Bieber (his voice is so different in this song he sounds grown go check it out), another fan declared.

Despite Biebers alterations, musically, the song remains the same... Making it more of a cover song than a remix. And, he also included the original snippet of Drake's rap in the song--with the foul language.

At the end of the day, however, fans and Drake are content with the track. He's like a talented kid ... from Canada, so to hear him even remix that song is crazy, he said. That's incredible.

Watch Drake talk about the Trust Issues remix and listen to track below!

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