After Justin Bieber was attacked at Macy's in New York while promoting his fragrance Someday, fans came out in full swing ready to take a swing for the singer.

The pop star was outside of Macy's when a man jumped at Bieber, knocking him to the ground. Those at the scene say that Bieber was, naturally, startled and shaken up. The pop star was not injured.

Twitter began blowing up with Bieber fans almost immediately after the assault. One fan wrote, Some dude jumped the barrier and tackled justin bieber? wow, ok. Does that dude have a death wish? has he not seen his [Bieber's] fans? idot :L

Another fan wrote, Dear Old Man that hit Justin Bieber, I hope you know.. it's over, we believers are going to find you. Good luck. Love, Believers.

Those who mess with the 'Bieb' better believe that 'Beliebers' have the singer's back. Women's Wear Daily wrote on Twitter that Teenage girls are weeping and wailing after meeting Justin Bieber at Macy's.

Minutes after the attack, a YouTube video went viral showing crowds swarming Macy's with fans hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite pop star.

Today was the launch of his new fragrance at Macy's. He arrived at Macy's around 3:30 PM, and after going outside to greet fans, Bieber was attacked by an older, unidentified man.

Out of nowhere he just jumped and literally tried to attack him. And I just saw Justin Bieber going, 'What? What?.' Three guys were holding this guy back, and he was yelling at him, and he just went crazy.

After the episode a young lady was overcome and had to be carried away by police officers.

Bieber went back inside after the episode.

Watch footage below