Justin Timberlake loves Bon Iver.

So much that on this past weekend's Saturday Night Live, Timberlake portrayed the band's lead singer, Justin Vernon, in a sketch about Beyoncé and Jay-Z's baby, Blue Ivy Carter.

Sorry I'm late, uh, whatever. I was just wandering barefoot in the woods of Wisconson, Timberlake said on arrival, decked out in true Vernon fashion (tweed suit, guitar, beard, hint of hair loss).

I fashioned this guitar out of a canoe, and I wrote a song for your baby, he continued.

Timberlake's Bon Iver spot was part of a star-studded celebration of Blue Ivy, led by host Maya Rudolph (as Beyoncé) and SNL feature player Jay Pharoah (Jay-Z).

Other guests included Prince (Fred Armisen), who gives Blue Ivy a smirk as a present, Nicki Minaj (Nasim Pedrad), who delivers a lullaby rap, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Taran Killam and Abby Elliott), who attempt to kidnap Blue, LL Cool J (Kenan Thompson) sporting his formal Kangol hat, and Taylor Swift (Kristen Wiig), who brings her famous OMG award show face.

Jokes aside, Timberlake assured the real Justin Vernon and Bon Iver that he was one of the band's biggest fans, holding up an I [heart] Bon Iver sign when the show's credits rolled.

It appears that Vernon was simply flattered, more than anything else.

holy sh-t, i was just watching SNL and JT did a Bon Iver hilarious thing! Also, Maya Rudolph saying 'bon iver' is enough. I can die now!!! Vernon wrote on Twitter Saturday night.

JT! SNL peeps . . . that was hilarious. Armisen as prince . . . Also, i WISH i looked that good bald. That was it . . . the most surreal thing! ever! he continued, adding that Timberalke's guitar-playing made him red-face-embarrassed the whole time.

The Bon Iver reference is no accident. Vernon and company have been the talk of town since the band's big Grammy weekend Feb. 12.

Bon Iver's Grammy wins unleashed a frenzy on Twitter, with many questioning just who Bon Iver was. Much like the aftermath of Arcade Fire's 2011 Grammy win for Record of the Year, Tumblr was graced with Who Is Bon Iver? -- a page featuring mostly Twitter posts of those new to the Wisconsin band.

It's really hard to accept this award . . . when I started to make songs I did it for the inherent reward of making songs, so I'm a little uncomfortable up here, Vernon said in his acceptance speech.

Meanwhile, Timberlake was just one of several guest stars on Rudolph's big SNL return. Fellow SNL alum Amy Poehler made a splash, as did Bill O'Reilly and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton.

Scroll down to watch Justin Timberlake play Justin Vernon of Bon Iver on Saturday Night Live.