After years of plastic surgery speculation, Kaley Cuoco openly admitted to having a breast augmentation in May, but surgeons are now claiming the actress may have had more than just a chest enhancement. In the latest issue of Life & Style magazine, plastic surgeons accuse 28-year-old Cuoco, star of “The Big Bang Theory,” of undergoing several procedures in recent years. 

Cuoco’s wrinkle-free, tight forehead and “enhanced” features look to be the work of cosmetic procedures, claims Dr. Kenneth Mark, an New York City cosmetic dermatologist who has not treated the star. Cuoco, he says, appears to have received Sculptra injectable fillers in her cheeks, and $1,000 Botox fillers in her forehead. Dr. Mark claims the Botox has noticeably altered Cuoco's appearance. “Her right eyelid is lowered slightly, probably because her right brow was a bit lower at the baseline and was not accounted for during Botox treatment,” he said. Cuoco's pout is also rumored to have been enhanced. “Her upper and lower flips are now more proportional,” said Dr. Mark of the TV star, whom he says may have received Juvederm fillers ($600 each) in her top lip. 

Cuoco’s nose may also be the result of injectables, says New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Yoel Shahar. Shahr, who also does not treat Cuoco, reports she appears to have recieved $900 Radiesse injections in the bridge of her nose. The injections reportedly give off the illusion of a straighter nose, and the patient doesn't have to go under the knife. As for Cuoco's confirmed breast enhancement, Dr. Shahar says the comedic actress most likely altered her cup size from a B to a “small D.” “There’s more fullness on the upper breast,” he said. “It fits her body nicely."

Cuoco admitted to going under the knife in an interview with Cosmopolitan in May, calling her 2004 breast augmentation at the age of 18 “the best decision she ever made.” Cuoco later discussed her affinity for the surgical enhancement with Entertainment Tonight. “I love them and I’m super happy," she said. "I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

The plastic surgery rumors come just weeks after dozens of Cuoco's and other celebs' personal nude photos and videos were hacked and leaked anonymously on 4Chan. The first round of the illegally obtained files, showing her in various states of undress, were released Aug. 31. Several new images of Cuoco premiered on the Web Sunday. Cuoco is just one of many female celebrities to be included in the leak. All of the images have since been removed by 4Chan and Reddit’s “The Fappening” boards.