On the latest episode of “Keeping Up with The Kardashians,” rapper Kanye West has his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, throw out most of her wardrobe, updating it with pieces of his choosing.

Tossing out at least 100 pair of designer shoes in addition to high-end clothes and bags, Kardashian, who used to be a stylist, let West decide which items got to stay and which had to go.

Since the couple started dating about four months ago, Kim Kardashian’s style of dress has been notably different, as she has added a lot of black clothing, leather pants and skirts to her attire, since West often wears leather and all-black outfits and sells leather pieces in his women’s fashion line.

After West collaborated with designer Giuseppe Zanotti to create pearly knitted stilettos that are priced at an expensive $5,800, Kardashian included her boyfriend's footwear in her wardrobe, in addition to gladiator knee high boots from his from his women's line, DW Kanye West. He probably let her keep those pairs of shoes in her closest.

While Kardashian wanted to keep a fur lined Louis Vuitton bag, in case she has a daughter later who wants it, that idea was rejected by the rapper. “Shouldn't I just keep this for, like, my daughter one day?'” she asked West.

The answer was an unimpressed “no.” While many of Kardashian’s clothes also ended up in a pile on her bed, West was kind enough to bring in a stylist to bring her a rack of new items.

"Look how dope this [expletive] is," West goes on to say, while sifting through Kardashian’s latest outfits.

The items Kardashian did not get to keep will not be thrown away luckily, as she tweeted on twitter account, “The clothes I got rid of will be up on EBay next month for a charity auction! Going to Life Change Community Church.”