Almost everything that Kate Middleton wears is compared to that of Princess Diana.

The Duchess of Cambridge, like Diana, is beautiful, exudes confidence, class and has an amazing taste in fashion. Therefore, a comparison between the two is inevitable.

Most recently, Middleton wore a black velvet Alexander McQueen gown to the Sun Military Awards in London. That dress reminded many of a similar midnight blue dress that Diana wore to the White House in 1985.

Like they did with Diana, people are keeping constant watch to see what Middleton will be wearing next. Both women seem to have excellent wardrobe choices that are most envied by many. Whatever they were photographed in would be sold in stores within days.

Ever since her royal wedding to Prince William back in April, Middleton has held the title of a style icon. Among her impeccable style since the fairytale wedding was the dark-blue dress that she wore while out in Canada with the prince in June.

Then there was that absolutely stunning grey gown Middleton wore while on a solo engagement at Clarence House in October.

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