Kevin Costners’s name is being considered for a role in the reboot of the film Superman to be directed by Zack Snyder, reports

Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures recently announced Henry Cavill in the role of Superman. Henry has earlier starred in Showtime’s Tudors.

Kevin Costner has not been a part of big–budget movies for a long time. His last outing was in the John Wells directed film, The Company Men. ”I'm not exactly sure what role Costner is likely to play, but he has certainly been in good guy mode lately,” reports

He may be playing the role of Clark Kent’s father, according to

He was recently in the news for his part in the cleanup of the Gulf Of Mexico oil spill. British Petroleum bought 32 centrifuge machines which separate oil and water from Ocean Therapy Solutions, a company backed by Kevin Costner. Kevin has reportedly funded the development of the technology for the last 20 years. His company is now in discussions to equip more emergency response vessels with the centrifuge technology.

The Superman film is being produced by Chris Nolan, Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, and Deborah Snyder. It is slated for release in December 2012.

It would be interesting to see the famous actor, director and producer in a super hero film. He has won two Academy Awards and two Golden Globe awards for Dances with the Wolves. Kevin Costner’s other well known films include, Field of Dreams, Robin Hood: Prince of Dreams, The Untouchables and Bull Durham.