Following a private funeral for family and close friends last week, fans of late radio host Kidd “David” Kraddick will now finally have their chance to say good-bye.

A rep for “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning” announced on their official Facebook page Friday that a public, free memorial service for the recently deceased 53-year-old entertainer is scheduled to take place next Thursday. According to the post, fans will be able to pay tribute to Kraddick at AT&T Plaza American Airlines Center at Victory Park in Dallas, Texas on Aug. 15. starting at 5:30 p.m. Fans unable to attend will have the chance to pay tribute by watching the event live via the radio station’s livestream.

“Join us for a ‘Tribute to Kidd’ as we publicly celebrate the life of Kidd Kraddick,” a rep for the Texas-based radio station said in a statement. “We’ll remember how Kidd made us laugh, cry and inspired us to do more. We’ll celebrate his charitable work through Kidd’s Kids.”

Not only will Kraddick's friends and family be in attendance, but the late radio host’s favorite musician, Ben Folds of “Ben Folds Five,” will also be making an musical appearance. Other untitled musicians will also reportedly be performing at the event. As of Friday morning, over 100 fans had RSVP’d.

Last week it was announced that Kraddick’s nationally syndicated radio show, “Kidd Kraddick in the Morning,” will continue on without him. The shows continuation was announced following the birth of one petition and multiple Facebook pages requesting that the show continue to air.

Kraddick, who worked as a radio show host for over a decade, passed away on July 27 after attending a charity golf event for terminally ill children in New Orleans. According to early toxicology reports, the entertainer died from an enlarged heart, blocked arteries and most likely an irregular heartbeat.