Kim Kardashian, 31, is rumored to soon go on a date with New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin, 23, and Twitter users, who are not too happy about that, said that Kim K should go Kick Rocks.

MediaTakeOut reported on Thursday, that the divorced reality star is set date to Lin, as her publicist had made arrangements for her to go on a date with Knicks player.

She thinks [Jeremy] is cute, and she's good friend's with [Jeremy's teammate Carmelo Anthony's wife] Lala, a friend of the reality star reportedly told MediaTakeOut. It's going to be a double date.

The urban gossip Web site stated that Lin was excited to meet Kim K. But the rumor is pretty Linsane and is just that, a rumor, a source close to Kim K told the Huffington Post.

This is not true and there's never been any conversations about this, the source said.

Still, Twitter users are outraged that the reality star is allegedly chasing the Harvard-educated basketball star. Here is what they had to say:

-- Kim K tryna get a date with Lin.. Man this broad need to kick rocks. - Korey Crawford

-- yea i highly doubt Lin is the type to hook up with Kim K. - Azaz

-- Kim K wanna date Jeremy Lin now that he ballin' smh? Lin need to tell @KimKardashian B---- YOU WASN'T WIT ME SHOOTIN' IN THE GYM! - ? Fresh Prince ?

-- Kim k smell Jeremy Lin new York money all the way from LA Smh - ?HER

-- When are people going to just accept Kim K's relationships aren't real...her PR people go to work for her. - KGTrashTalk

-- Tell me it aint true that Kim K tryna go out wit LINsanity lol H -'s at its best - Scottie Pimpin

-- I thought this whole Kim K and Jeremy Lin thing was a joke?- Kimberly Dang

-- Bruh Jeremy don't do it reconsider, read some liter---ture, on the subject you sure you wanna go out with that h- Kim K- Amazo

-- Hahahah Kim k going on a date with Jeremy Lin. Lmfao wow things she will do to stay relevant. -Manuel Grant

-- i know @jlin7 is smart and strong enough in his faith to know that Kim K is a distraction from the enemy. Stay strong, man! #stayfocused - Ashley Varghese []

-- WHAT!?!? this cannot happen. she doesn't need #LINsanity. he needs to stay on top of his game. - Ana Gutierrez

-- Jeremy Lin date with Kim Kardashian? This can't be life.. - Slugger

-- jeremy lin to date kim kardashian? come on he's smarter than that...i hope. - BCeagleJoe

-- Yo @JLin7 are these rumors of u going out with Kim Kardashian true? Your the Realer Man Dont Do IT!!!!! - Jazzy Jay Junior

-- Kim can you not be so fast once in your life? smh Lin, don't do it. - Melissa Virtue  

The hashtag #ThingsThatBotherMe also started trending with some Twitter users writing that Kim Kardashian is that thing.

-- #ThingsThatBotherMe Kim Kardashian - Mrs Christian

-- #thingsthatbotherme Kim kardashian. - Kyle Laney

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