Jeremy Lin, the hot New York Knicks point guard and Internet sensation finally joined Facebook with Timeline-enabled profile on Monday.

Not surprising, the Linsanity continues and his profile has gained about 7,000 subscribers within the first 12 hours, even though his timeline is still almost bare - only basic biographical information has bee added. Lin created his Timeline about 2 a.m. Monday morning - current job as point guard for the New York Knicks; born in Palo Alto, California; alumnus of Harvard and Palo Alto High School, the Daily Dot reported.

Lin has his Facebook fan page since last August in 2010, but not with a public profile. However, his Facebook fan page is reportedly updated by the star himself. The fan page in English has 908,538 likes until now, whereas another fan page in Chinese has 215,359.

Lin also posted his real life photos on the Facebook, revealing the true color of the overnight NBA star, who has stunned the whole world.

Except Facebook, Lin also generated more Twitter traffic than any NBA player and even the President Barack Obama, during Feb. 6 to 14, when the Knicks won six straight games, the Hollywood Reporter reported, according to a study by social analytics company General Sentiment. The users mentioned Lin 2,610,684 times on social media and Twitter.

Moreover, Lin's videos on YouTube are also getting high clicks. Even the videos, which was produced and uploaded before Lin became famous, for instance, the video How to Get into Harvard,” have been watched millions of times over during the past few weeks. And, thanks to Lin, the traffic to has increased 550%.

Start the slideshow to find out the real life photo of the hot NBA star and take part in the Linsanity.

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