konami.com: Never Dead

Konami’s upcoming action game Never Dead is expected to provide a lot of blood, gore and the power to heal even the harshest injuries. The story narrates the journey of Bryce, a man who was despised by death.

The story starts 500 years ago when a demon hunter, Bryce Boltzmann, and his wife challenged the demon king in a battle. The couple lost the battle and Bryce’s wife died in the fight, but he himself was rendered immortal by the demon king.

Now, in the modern day, Bryce hunts weaker demons to earn small change for his daily drinks. The existence of the demons, however, has been concealed to the general public by NADA (National Anti Demon Agency). The forces have now become stronger and will be trying to destroy the city.

Bryce is immortal and has the power to survive severe injuries. The player may lose several body parts while in the game and will have to collect the removed limbs by rolling into them. Bryce can make large objects crush nearby enemies while remaining safe himself.

Gameplay will also feature puzzle elements and a female partner will assist the player. She, however, will not be immortal and the player will have to take damage to protect her. The game video has shown extreme cutting and slashing up to the point where Bryce can shed his own body parts accordingly to help his cause.

Never Dead is expected to offer impressive physics and graphic display, while critics are comparing it with the Devil May Cry series. The game is expected to arrive in the last quarter of 2011 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, according to Konami’s official Web site.