While some prefer to put the past behind them, others, like Kris Humphries, prefer to rid of the past altogether by annulling his marriage Kim Kardashian, rather than filing for divorce.

Sources told People magazine that instead of going through divorce proceedings to end his 72-day marriage to Kardashian, Humphries changed his mind and will file a legal separation and eventually annul the marriage.

Humphries will file the court papers in the next few days to become separated from Kardashian, the source said, which will render the couple as legally separated but not divorced.

Legal separations must be signed by both parties and do not signify the end of the divorce, but sets precedence for either a reconciliation or a divorce, whichever option the couple chooses. However, if a divorce follows, the separation agreement can be easily converted into a divorce settlement.

The source also told People that Humphries plans on eventually annulling the marriage, wiping his slate completely clean of Kardashian. In the state of California, where the couple married, annulments signify the marriage was not legal from the get go and are typically only filed because of force, fraud, bigamous or incestuous relationship, physical or mental incapacity or because one partner was too young to legally marry, according to the Superior Court of California, County of Orange's Web site.

Kardashian filed for divorce on Oct. 31, just 72 days after their marriage. Rumors have circulated ever since about a possible reconciliation, since Kardashian flew to Humphries' hometown Minneapolis early in November. However, reports after emerged about Humphries hiring his own lawyer for the six month divorce process.

Other rumors alleged that Humphries would sue his soon-to-be-ex-wife for his portrayal in the new season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. However, an insider told Gossip Cop that there is no multi-million dollar lawsuit against Kardashian planned and the couple remains cordial.