Australian pop sensation Kylie Minogue has alerted police to threatening messages she has been receiving from a stalker on Twitter.

 I love 1,033,861 of you LOVERS, but 1 is not a lover, just a deluded weirdo making threat #andthatdoesnotmakeyouspecial So..police alerted, she tweeted Tuesday.

Minogue's tweet attracted a stream of support from her fans. @kylieminogue that weirdo is just nothing; we all got your back! Luv! Tomando Azumont tweeted.

I hope whoever's threatening @kylieminogue knows there's more than 1,000,000 of us ready to jump to her defense, another fan wrote.

This is not the first time Minogue has been harassed by a stalker. The cancer survivor has attracted a lot of unwanted attention over the years. In 2003, the former Neighbours actress received over 700 threatening letters at the office of her British record company, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The letters started off as normal fan mail but later became aggressive and perverse, with the man threatening to perform sexual acts on the singer before killing her. Police in London were alerted to the threats.

When parts of the letters were leaked out to the public the incident was blown out of proportion, prompting Minogue's rep to issue the following statement:

There have been no death threats but letters of an annoying nature have been reported to the police and are being investigated. The situation has simply been blown out of proportion. I spoke to her this morning ... she is her usual self, absolutely fine and happy as ever. No arrests were ever made.

The previous year, Minogue revealed that she had been stalked by a harmless fan for five years, who would come to every show she performed in and sometimes show up while she was shopping. In 2010, the singer faced harassment from her postman Mark Taylor, who sent her inappropriate mail, according to the Daily Telegraph.