The police has identified a 24-year-old man, arrested in connection with the Los Angeles blazes, as Harry Burkhart, German citizen. Burkhart was arrested on Monday, as he resembled a person of interest in a surveillance video released by the authorities, according to police sources.

Burkhart has been living in Southern California for several years. He was arrested from his van and is now being held without bail, according to the police sources. The police have reportedly seized flammable material from Burkhart's van and believe he is the person who has ignited a series of more than 50 fires in Hollywood and Los Angeles area.

The suspect is reportedly furious over a deportation hearing held against his mother and repeatedly said I hate America to the investigating officers when arrested, according to an ABC report.

Currently charged with one count of arson of an inhabited dwelling, Burkhart may face more charges once the investigation proceeds, an ABC report said quoting Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

These were serious and potentially deadly crimes that needlessly endangered thousands of innocent lives. These crimes will not be tolerated, Villaraigosa added.

Los Angeles Police said that the investigation was progressing, but refused to release further details about Burkhart, except his name and some general information.