After dominating the headlines with the edgy entrance through an egg at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Lady Gaga is yet again in the limelight for her bizarre ways. The musician, who never fails to raise eye brows with her outfits, pulled it off again in New Jersey with see-through rubber outfit topped off with a nun's habit.

The 24-year-old singer left nothing to the imagination when she got on stage at Atlantic City, part of her Monster Ball Tour. She later put on a red ensemble with big padded shoulders and a giant red bow seemingly in an allusion to the devil.

The pop singer is known for her bold outfits embedded with imagery and a message. She once wore a full-body latex condom dress to promote safe sex. The most recent incident of her stepping out off a egg on stage was aimed at promoting her song 'Born This Way'.

The new single has sold one million digital copies in less than a week.

With the singer's continuing success and ever growing popularity, the fashion police are left with nothing to say.

However, there is a fraction of Gaga fans who believe her costumes take the focus away from her music.

I like her songs, but I think she is a little overboard with the things she wears, 14-year-old Mary Slipe of Bushkill told Pocono Record.

She is the 2011 Madonna. Lady Gaga's image is out of the norm. The things she does is for the attention and the glam factor. If you took all the glam away, she would be just another artist on MySpace. Her clothes make her who she is, 17-year-old George said.

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