If you're wondering what the shrieks heard 'round the land are about, it's probably Little Monsters reacting to the FX Network's announcement that Mother Monster Lady Gaga will star in the fifth season of American Horror Story, reports Vulture. In a cryptic tweet to fans, Lady Gaga spoke only six words: "American Horror Story, Season Five: Hotel."

Production will begin in July and the episode with Gaga will premier in October, reports Vulture, but details are scarce. Will Gaga star with Jessica Lange, who's been camping it up for multiple seasons of cult hit AHS? What will Gaga's role be, and will it involve outlandish fashions? Can we hope for a duet with Stevie Nicks, who appeared in AHS's witchstravaganza, "Coven"? It's unclear, but it's hard to imagine a Lady Gaga cameo wouldn't be a ratings bonanza.

Lady Gaga, born Stefani Germanotta, has acted before, in Saturday Night Live skits, and in a starring role ("Machete Kills")  and a cameo ("Sin City: A Dame to Kill") for director Richard Rodriguez.