Lady Gaga is as much a fashion icon as she is a musical icon. From her John Travolta/Serge Gainsbourg inspired Jo Calderon character to, well, just about anything and everything, Gaga is always far-out and always unique.

Her costumes and styles are so well known that they can be described in simple nicknames. The Meat Dress, The Kermit Dress, The Bubbles, The Red Veil -- all these illustrate the never static wardrobe of the one of the most influential pop stars of our age.

Her music videos exemplify the essence of Gaga, but whenever she is in public the singer is in some sort of character.

Born Stefani Germanotta, Lady Gaga started her career in New York City when she dropped out of NYU's school for the arts. She grew out of the tail end of the performance art scene in the Lower East Side, honing her music and persona.

Her first studio album The Fame launched Lady Gaga's career and she has been rising since.