Pop megastar Lady Gaga is known for referring to her fans and admirers as little monsters. But a cameo role in the upcoming third installment of Men in Black might cast her as the creature.

During a promotional appearance in Rio last week, actor Will Smith revealed that the Marry the Night singer would play a small role in the film, according to the Daily Mail.

We have a couple of celebrity cameos, but I think I can not reveal who they are, Smith was quoted saying in Brazilian website ElCoriolloRD.com. We must keep as a surprise that Lady Gaga appears.

Gaga is no stranger to the acting realm, incorporating theatrical elements and over-the-top costumes in her music videos and live performances.

The 25-year-old singer has previously expressed her desire to act. Last year she told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, My dream would be to be in a Woody Allen movie.

This isn't the eccentric singer's first time wandering into the acting world. Here are four other Lady Gaga cameos you may not know about.

1. The Simpsons- The Born This Way artist is set to play a role in an upcoming episode of the iconic comedy cartoon The Simpsons. In the finale of the animated sitcom's 23rd season, the fashion icon will visit Springfield for an episode titled Lisa Goes Gaga.

2. Gossip Girl- In an episode titled The Last Days of Disco Stick, Lady Gaga appears for a private concert as part of main character Blair's attempt to impress NYU theater students. The episode aired in 2009, around the time that Gaga's album The Fame Monster was climbing the charts.

3. The Hills- Amidst the brewing drama in an episode titled Something Has to Change, main characters Whitney and Lauren are called in to style the pop mistress herself, Lady Gaga, for an event.

4. The Sopranos- This is truly a role that only the most diehard Lady Gaga fans will have discovered. Before her entry into stardom, Gaga acted as an extra in an episode called The Telltale Moozadell, which aired in 2001. The pop singer played the Girl at the Swimming Pool #2, and wasn't credited.

It is unclear whether or not the music and fashion icon will continue to pursue acting, but fans seem to be excited about her possible part in Men in Black.

cant wait #excited Will Smith has confirmed Lady Gaga has a cameo role in 'Men in Black 3,' one fan posted on Twitter.  

OMG! Lady Gaga will make a guest appearance in 'Men in Black 3!' The film comes out this May! Awesome! tweeted another.