At 7 feet tall, the deluxe edition of Visionaire's Larger Than Life issue featuring Lady Gaga as a mermaid squirming in oil might literally be the biggest magazine of all time. In fact, the fashion bible's Web site claimed it's in the Guinness World Records.

Only 250 copies exist, each going for $1,500. Even the modest-sized edition, which costs $375, measures 4 feet tall.

Gaga also appears as a slimy siren on the back cover, along with a statement: There is no oil too thick as to destroy the imagination.

As exorbitant as it looks, it's not the most expensive magazine out there -- Guinness World Records listed Nomenus Quarterly on its Web site as the highest-costing magazine of all time, with prices ranging from $2,500 to $6,500.

Other novelties Visionaire has come up with include an album set with a toy car doubling as a phonograph needle, which spun between the grooves while the record stayed in place. It cost $250.

Before New Delhi's F1 Rocks concert Sunday, an Indian affiliate of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals requested that Gaga perform wearing a lettuce outfit to persuade people to become vegetarians. Such a dress would've required her to spend no less than five hours with stagehands putting it together. 

When her Twitter following reached 15 million Thursday, Gaga set her own record as being the first user to become that popular. Gaga referred to her followers in a tweet that day as 15 million monsters, a term of endearment she applies to fans.