Lady Gaga has walked down the aisle with her boyfriend of one year, actor Taylor Kinney. The wedding ceremony was a scene in her fifth and final film for her hit song "You and I."

"I'm a New York woman, born to run you down/So have my lipstick all over your face/Something, something about just knowing when it's right," the lyrics read.

The 26-year-old artistic singer has become world renowned for her unpredictable outfits, which range from leather to meat, so it comes as no surprise that she has been unpredictable with her music, deciding to create a series of five short films to accompany her hit single "You and I." The first installment was released in September of last year. Each video is shot in black and white and she plays a nymph, a bride, a mermaid, and her male alter ego Jo Calderone. 

Now, Gaga dresses in black leather bondage gear that would make Christian Grey blush, before dancing in a white wedding dress with Vampire Diaries star and boyfriend Kinney. 

The couple recently celebrated a year of dating by posting a photo on Lady Gaga's website. The signer is seemingly naked in a pool, as Kinney kisses her. The photo caption simply read, "T and me."

The "Born This Way" Singer most recently made headlines when she was in Bucharest, Romania and an autograph seeker ran towards her while she was in a hotel lobby with a book and pen. Her burly bodyguards were quick to pin the man to the floor, as a stunned Gaga looked at the scene before leaving to meet the rest of her fans.

Lady Gaga is currently featured on the cover of the September issue of Vogue, and poses in the buff inside the magazine.