The official music video for Lady Gaga's "Yoü & I," as well as the first appearance by Jo Calderone, was revealed Tuesday.

The song is the fourth single off of Gaga's "Born This Way" album, and it was debuted via the pop star's twitter feed. The song is both typically Gaga and a step in a new direction. Yoü & I is a country rock song with a Lady Gaga dance club twist. Watch the video below.

The video takes place in Nebraska, a U.S. state mentioned in the son. It is shot mostly in a corn field, but also in a barn, which might be owned by a mad scientist. Parts of the song are autobiographical, and Gaga sings about working hard for six years and the successes she's struggled for. She also dresses like a mermaid and sits in a bathtub.

And then there's Calderone. He is Gaga's male alter-ego (Gaga in drag) and he has an attitude. The rocker is scene smoking cigarettes, drinking and shitting on said cornfield in the video.

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