American singer and entertainer Lady Gaga is scheduled to leave India on Sunday.

The 25-year-old singer, who created a major controversy and certainly hurt the sentiments of animal lovers by showing off her meat dress at the 2010 MTV VMA awards, has been requested by animal rights group PETA to pose in a dress made from llettuce leaves while she is in the country. Now we need to wait and watch if she accepts the proposal. The singer herself has, so far, made no comment on the matter.

Lady Gaga is in India this weekend to grace the unveiling of the country's first ever Formula 1 race. She is also scheduled to perform at an invitation-only show in a five-star hotel in New Delhi.

India is a country where a lot of animals are considered sacred, including cows, and worshipped. So yes, PETA certainly has a point when asking Lady Gaga to pose in the lettuce gown to promote the importance of not eating meat.

Considering meat's monstrous impact on our health and the environment as well as the plight of animals who are dismembered for food while still conscious, PETA India asked Mother Monster to show her fans that even just reducing the amount of meat they eat (or wear) can help, wrote Michelle Sherrow, on PETA's official website.

If she agrees, we'll make her a dress entirely of lettuce and held together by pins and threads. It will be a full length gown, and we'll make sure it looks sexy. The dress would be constructed leaf by leaf [on] the singer's body, taking some five to six hours and someone will be on hand to spray water on the lettuce so that it doesn't wilt, said Sachin Bangera of PETA India, according to an MSNBC report.

Upon her arrival, Gaga was seen wearing a beehive wig with green and saffron highlights - a nod to the colors of the country's flag - and a one-shoulder, colorful dress designed by Indian-born Naeem Khan. 

When Gaga wore the meat dress in 2010, at the Ellen Degeneres Show, she said she did not mean to cause disrespect to vegetarians by doing so.