HBO's "Hard Knocks" debuted on Tuesday night, as the Miami Dolphins were filmed during training camp.

While the show will mostly centered on the players and coaches and how they are preparing for the 2012 NFL Season, one of the biggest stars of the show might not even be on the team.

Lauren Tannehill, wife of Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, might draw a lot of viewers to their television sets. She appeared alongside her husband in the first episode.

This isn't the first time Lauren Tannehill has started a buzz after appearing on TV. She made headlines when she became the focus of this year's draft. The beauty was shown when Ryan was selected with the number eight overall pick, and she gained instant notoriety.

It's not exactly certain how much either Tannehill will be featured in upcoming episodes. Ryan is just a rookie and isn't expected to get a lot of playing time in the upcoming season. He is listed as the third quarterback on Miami's depth chart behind David Garrard and Matt Moore.

The couple met at Texas A&M, where Ryan played college football. They got married in January of this year and are starting their new life together in South Florida.

Lauren is an amateur model. There have been rumors that she is set to appear in Maxim Magazine, but that has yet to come to fruition.

Below are some pictures of the 24-year-old.