A British law firm is being blasted by religious leaders after advertising a free divorce via flyers, their website and Twitter.

Do you need a divorce? Would you like a lawyer who is straight-talking and hates jargon? Would you like a FREE divorce?

If you answered YES, YES, YES then Follett Stock is the law firm for you. Instruct Follett Stock's Exeter office by June 30, 2011 for your divorce and Follett Stock will do it for free.

The promotion by Firm Follett Stock Solicitors also mentions potential clients to Be quick and not miss out.

Church leaders have condemned the law firm for offering the legal service (which would cost just under $1,000) for free and encouraging couples to act quickly rather than making efforts to save the marriage.

Martin Shepherd, spokesman for the Diocese of Exeter, condemned the promotion and said it is an attention-seeking stunt intended to attract business from elsewhere.

Father Robin Eastoe, Rector of a group of churches in England, told the Daily Mail Divorce is generally a tragic thing that masks an awful lot of pain and does not need to be marketed and advertised.

It should be a couple's own decision made at their own pace. Saying 'come on do it quickly as it's free' puts an awful lot of pressure on people at a sensitive time when they are hurting.

Eastoe added that putting a time limit of June 30 puts pressure on people to make a snap decision. In the interests of society, we should put as much effort as possible to strengthening marriage.

In defense, the firm's associate partner Rebecca Gurgul insists that they are just trying to help people in need. We don't think marriage is insignificant but a lot of people going through a divorce struggle with the cost of it all.