The “League of Legends” world championships wrapped up in Seoul on Saturday night, and the competition drew in 40,000 attendees at the city’s World Cup Stadium. Pro teams Samsung White of South Korea and China’s Star Horn Royal Club battled it out in the multiplayer online arena game for five hours. Pop band Imagine Dragons performed at the show, which ended with a 3-1 victory for the Samsung team.



“League of Legends,” a game that has grown tremendously in popularity since its launch in October 2009, held its first competition in 2010 as part of the World Cyber Games in Los Angeles. Last year, the event was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, drawing in 32 million viewers via ESPN 3, Twitch and publisher Riot Games’ own streaming service. The Santa Monica, California-based company hasn’t yet revealed how many people tuned in to the 2014 championships.

The hit game has grown into a lucrative, widely played franchise for Riot Games, bringing in 67 million players per month and 27 million daily. Revenue from "League of Legends" was $624 million in 2013.

“League of Legends” is currently the most popular e-sports game in South Korea, and professional players are household names and treated like Hollywood celebrities. Here’s a closer look at the five Korean players who took home the prize and $1 million in cash on Saturday night.

1. Hyeong-seok “Looper” Jang, 21

looper Jang "Looper" Hyeong-seok, 21 Photo: Courtesy/LOLGamepedia

The 21-year-old player joined the team in 2013.

2. In-kyu “Dandy” Choi, 20

dandy In-kyu "Dandy" Choi, 21. Photo: Courtesy/LOLGamepedia

Dandy joined the team in 2013.

3. Won-seok “Pawn” Heo, 17

pawn Won-seok "Pawn" Heo Photo: Courtesy/LOLGamepedia

Pawn is known for playing the most games in Korea during season three, with more than 3,800 games.

4. Seung-bin “Imp” Gu, 19

imp Gu "Imp" Seung-bin, 19 Photo: Courtesy/LOLGamepedia

Imp has been playing “League of Legends” since 2011. The humble player has said that one of the biggest flaws of other professional players is having too much pride.

5. Se-hyoung “Mata” Cho

mata Se-hyoung "Mata" Cho Photo: Courtesy/LOLGamepedia

Mata began playing “League of Legends” professionally in February 2013, earning the title of rookie of the year.