It’s looking to be a great fall season for Justin Theroux now that he’s married to Jennifer Aniston and Season 2 of his hit HBO drama “The Leftovers” is debuting. With his home life and career falling into place, many are wondering how the actor is faring with it all these days. 

For those that are unaware, the 44-year-old actor got married to his long-time girlfriend, actress Jennifer Aniston, in early August at a super-secret wedding ceremony held at their L.A. home. After that, the couple jet off to Bora Bora with some friends for a honeymoon celebration. The actor revealed to People that, once the honeymoon was over, it was time to return to the Austin, Texas, set of “The Leftovers.” When he arrived, the cast and crew apparently gave him a round of applause to commemorate his nuptials.

While it’s happy times for Theroux, his character on the HBO series is quite the opposite. The series focuses on a group of people living in a world that witnessed an event called “the departure,” in which 140 million people vanished without a trace. In fact, Theroux confessed that Season 2 can be so wrought with drama and intensity that the cast frequently aims for moments of levity on set in order to get each other out of that headspace. 

“It’s like a family. You have to keep it light. When the work has to be done, the work has to be done, but if you don’t keep it a little light at times, everyone’s going to be miserable,” he told the outlet with a laugh. “It’s not a space you want to live in when a camera isn’t rolling.” 

To get a better idea of what Theroux is talking about, one needs only to turn to the recently released trailer for “The Leftovers” Season 2. The grim teaser shows Kevin Garvey (Theroux) and his makeshift new family, which includes girlfriend Nora (Carrie Coon), daughter Jill (Margaret Qualley) and the newborn baby that they discovered at the end of Season 1 (the baby has his own rich backstory that fans of the show’s first run will remember). Together, they decide to leave their small New York town and travel to Jarden, Texas, where there have been zero departures.

The town seems to be exactly what the family needs after the tumultuous events of Season 1, but things take a decided turn once, as The Hollywood Reporter notes, signs point to another departure event that Jarden might not be immune to this time around. 

Fans of “The Leftovers” will just have to wait until the show returns on Oct. 4 to have all of their burning questions answered. In the meantime, they can check out the trailer for the new series below.