The unique LG V10 with a secondary ticker display was recently unveiled in the home country South Korea. However, LG did not talk about the availability of this device outside Korea. But now, we have confirmation that both T-Mobile and AT&T will be offering the device in the U.S.

According to AT&T, the V10 can be preordered from Oct. 27 onwards. The actual LG V10 release date specific to AT&T is apparently Nov. 6 and this is the day, the retail stores will begin selling the device. Meanwhile, T-Mobile will start accepting the preorders from Oct. 28. In case, readers would like to buy the device straight from the T-Mobile store, the V10s can be picked up from Oct. 30 via the “Un-carrier” program, Phone Arena reported.

LG is apparently offering the device in Space Black and Opal Blue colors. Speaking of LG V10 price, the device will reportedly set the buyers back by $249.99 under a contract, via АТ&T. On the other hand, if readers would like to opt for the carrier’s “Next” plans, here is the breakdown. The 30-month Next 24 plan can be availed for a monthly rental of $23.34, while the 24-month Next 18 plan and the 20-month Next 12 plan will set the buyers back by $29.17 and $35 per month, respectively.

To top it all off, in case, potential buyers placed an order within Oct. 30 and Nov. 15, AT&T will apparently offer a free 200 GB microSD card, along with an additional battery cell and a battery charging cradle. This bundle is part of the promotions specific to the U.S.

Moving on to T-Mobile, the LG V10 can be purchased for $0 upfront, in addition to monthly payments of $25 for 24 months. The other way is to get the handset outright for $599.99, without any contract.