Libyan rebels are furious at Algeria for sheltering Gaddafi family members and they have demanded that the family be sent back. The wife of the fugitive Libyan leader, Moammar Gaddafi, three of his children and some of his grandchildren arrived in Algeria on Monday morning.

Mourad Benmehidi, the Algerian ambassador to the U.N., said he informed Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that his country granted entrance to Gaddafi's wife, Safia, his daughter, Aisha, sons Hannibal and Mohamed and their children on humanitarian grounds.

But U.N. Security Council Resolution 1970, passed Feb. 26, includes the names of all three Gaddafi children who are now in Algeria as being subject to a travel ban on Gaddafi regime leaders.

Gaddafi's daughter, Aisha, gave birth to a baby girl in Algeria Tuesday.

Meanwhile, anti-Gaddafi forces have surrounded the dictator's hometown of Sirte and given loyalists holed up there a deadline of Saturday to surrender. Gaddafi, 69, was rumored to be hiding in his Saharan desert stronghold of Sabha, 480 miles south of the capital city of Tripoli.