America just can't get enough of Jeremy Lin. The New York Knicks point guard who rose from the bench and led the Knicks to six straight victories and has broken boundaries as both an Asian-American and Harvard grad to become a basketball star.

His name also consists of one syllable and three letters that are really easy to make into puns, and the media never seems to tire of it. It's Linsanity! He keeps Linning! Linconceivable!

In fact, if you have been reading up about this 23-year-old basketball player, you have come across all three of these terms and much more.

Here, we have collected a list of the lamest LINguistics. 





And some other puns that we have come across:

LINtelligence  -- Jeremy has an economics degree from Harvard

bLINg  -- Jeremy Lin will become Jeremy bLINg once the endorsement deals start coming in

LINter -- It's Jeremy's season

LINdurance -- you can stop Jeremy Lin

ThrilLIN'   -- This was on the cover of the New York Post Wednesday morning

Can you think of any others?