This week appears to be an especially rough one for Lindsay Lohan, after reports have come out that the actress has apparently been banned from one of her favorite Hollywood spots, the Chateau Marmont, after ducking out on a hotel bill. Lohan was asked by management to vacate the suite, on August 1, which she has been living in since May 30, and not to return after accruing but failing to pay $46,350.04 in charges, reports TMZ.

The 26-year-old starlet, who just recently had charges against her for burglary dropped, now stands accused by the Chateau Marmont of disregarding several requests for payment. The exoribitant bill from Lohan's 47 day stay at the hotel indicates that she spent $3,145 for daily use of the minibar, $686 on 49 packs of cigarettes, and $386 for in-house laundry services.

Lohan's adoration for the Chateau Marmont has been well documented over the years, but it may now be at an end. The actress famously showed up late to a deposition in 2010, because she had avowedly been partying late at the famous hotel the night before.

Then in June, Lohan sparked debate when she used the hotel to stage a photo shoot with controversial photographer Terry Richardson, posing with a gun to her temple. She had another, more informal photo shoot again in July, when she hosted a sleepover at the hotel with Lady Gaga and photographer Ellen von Unwerth. Gaga later uploaded photos of the night to her social networking site Little Monsters.

Lohan's ejection from the Chateau Marmont marks just the latest event in a downward publicity spiral for the troubled star. Last February, she was charged with shoplifting a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, Cali. and was sentenced to 120 days in prison, and 480 hours of community service. In 2008, a Columbia student named Masha Markova, who met the actress at a private birthday party at 1OAK, also accused Lohan of stealing her blond mink coat worth $11,000.

Although the coat was later returned to Markova by 1OAK, allegedly smelling of cigarettes and booze, and with a tear in the lining, Lohan was accused of another past theft later that week. Lauren Hastings, a Los Angeles-based model, alleged that Lohan stole over $10,000 in clothing and jewelry while attending a party thrown at her house while Hastings was out of town. Hastings later claimed that she had received threatening texts from Lohan's friends, including Nicole Richie, telling her to stop contacting Lohan.

In the wake of the publicity, Lohan has repeatedly denied the claims. "All of this negative press is BS.... Whenever I'm doing great, people fabricate lies," Lohan wrote on Twitter, on Aug. 22. "It's such a shame."