Lindsay Lohan may be scheduled to make yet another T.V appearance. The actress has landed a contract for a guest spot on the hit-show Glee to add to her recent SNL performance, as she finishes off her probation and works on a comeback. The actress is reportedly in final negotiations to play herself in the show, as a judge at Nationals in the final episode of the season in May, according to the New York Post.

If the deal goes through, Lohan will join the line of stars that have played themselves on Glee episodes, including Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John, who appeared as judges on the show. She will also join Whoopi Golberg, who has also signed up to appear on three Glee episodes, but will play a recruiter for NYADA, the performing arts school that Lea Michele's character Rachel Berry and Cris Colfer's Kurt hope to enroll in after graduation.

Lohan's decision may surprise some fans, as the young actress has reportedly been offended after being the butt of many Glee jokes in past episodes. In an episode in which Gwyneth Paltrow played a Spanish teacher, she told her students Lindsay Lohan is totally crazy, right? How many times has Lindsay Lohan been in rehab? Lindsay was reportedly watching the show while in rehabilitation at the Betty Ford Center and was not amused.

Lindsay is so upset with Gwyneth, Dina Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's mother, told about her daughter's reaction. Lindsay was watching it while in Betty Ford, then she called me and was upset and said, 'Why did she have to do that? We are the first to make fun of ourselves in our family, she said. And Lindsay has even done SNL a few times, but Gwyneth went overboard and it was unnecessary.

Dina also shot back at the show's producers last February because of a post-Super Bowl Glee episode during which Katie Couric told Jane Lynch's Sue Sylvester that she beat out Lindsay Lohan's mom and her dog Sparky as the world's biggest losers.

It's a shame as the dance numbers are amazing, but the writers need to be nice and more creative as opposed to being hurtful, Dina told E News.

Lindsay's publicist, Steve Honig, says that this time Lindsay is excited about her role on Glee.

Lindsay loves the show. She thinks the cast is incredibly talented, and is excited to become part of the show, Honig told ABC News.Lindsay is excited to be back at work, and is looking forward to the next chapter in her life.