Lindsay Lohan is in the news again over one of her many legal problems. On Tuesday, prosecutors decided not to file battery charges against the trouble-prone actress in connection with an alleged altercation with a technician at a Betty Ford Center housing complex in Palm Desert in 2010.

Riverside County prosecutors, who spent several weeks on investigations into the case, concluded the case should not be brought to court despite local police's contention that they had enough evidence to charge Lohan for the altercation that was sparked off over if the actress should take an alcohol test.

In September 2010, LiLo checked into the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California, for substance abuse rehab after she escaped jail on another probation violation.

Just weeks after she was released from rehab, Lindsay Lohan yet again sparked off a law and order storm for allegedly walking out of a Venice, California, jewelry store wearing a necklace that she had not paid for. Rejecting a plea deal last week, The actress now faces a preliminary hearing on a felony grand theft charge April 22.

Although Lindsay Lohan is more in the news for the wrong reasons than right ones, the actress is not alone in the celebrity mugshot hall of fame. Celebrities and crime has fascinated the media and the people for ages. While crime or misbehavior has a double whammy effect on the celebs in terms of legal woes and scars on the reputation, everybody loves a good celeb scandal and it gets better with the added extentions of legal proceedings - a phenomenon also recently observed in connection with the scandalous riot kick off by 'Two and Half Men' actor, Charlie Sheen.

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