Lindsay Lohan owes the IRS $93,701.57 in back taxes from 2009, but the real take home may be: That's it? Celebrities are famous for making tons of cash and also for mismanaging the hoard. When hipster darling Zooey Deschanel released her expenses in January, the shock was how responsible the actress managed her money.

Celebrities and entertainers owe just a slice of the billions of dollars in unpaid taxes ($385 billion in 2006 from estimates released Monday by Bloomberg Businessweek), but many make Lohan's problems look like chump change.

'Lindsay's personal finances are her business and no one else's,' her spokesman, Steve Honig, told the Daily News., a company that helps celebrities and non-celebrities alike keep the IRS at bay, listed its top 100 tax evaders of 2010 that includes plenty of celebrities. The 2011 list is expected to be released in March on the heels of Tax Day.

Among those listed include:

Chris Tucker - The comedian owes a not-so-funny $11.5 million in back taxes, a huge increas from owing $3 million in 2009.

Marion Suge Knight - The founder of Death Row Records and rap mogul owes a death-defying $6.5 million.

Nas - The rapper may have blown up the charts with his Illmatic debut, but in the meantime, his owed taxes have blown up to $6.4 million.

Nicholas Cage - The Academy Award winner and Hollywood go-to man owes $3.8 million in taxess, a veritable national treasure.

Wesley Snipes - The actor won't be released from prison until July 2013 after getting caught evading taxes to the tune of $2.7 million.

Lamont Dozier - Happier days passed the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame member and song writer whose Motown hits include Stop in the Name of Love and Baby Love. He now owes $2.6 million in back taxes.

Doug E Fresh - He may have pioneered the human beat box sound, but the rapper and producer has $2.3 million pending in back taxes.

Richard Hatch - Known as the first winner of popular TV show Survivor, the reality star has spent time in prison for owing the IRS from his $1 million prize, money that wouldn't even clear the $1.7 million he owes the feds now.

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