"Days of Our Lifes" soap star Lisa Rinna, who may be more famous for her pouty lips than her acting experience, was asked about her decision to pucker up her appearance during a stint as a co-host on the “Today” show Monday.

In spite of her appearance being synonymous with bad plastic surgery, the 49-year-old told “Today” show host Hoda Kotb that she doesn’t regret her decision to give in to plastic surgery.

“I find it so interesting that it has become such a big thing, because I can’t tell you how many girls have done their lips. I feel like I’m a pioneer. I’m going to take it on now. I was one of the first ones to ever do it and be honest about it,” said Rinna, who said she would do it all over again if she could rewind the clock.

“I never had a career before I had the lips,” she said. “So my lips have had their own career.”

While more than a fair share of Hollywood’s leading ladies have used the popular injection to add a little volume to their pout, some have been far less successful than others.

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna said she had her lips filled with silicone at age 24 with a girlfriend, which the actress said she had to remove a few years ago due to hardening.

“It was a stupid thing to do,” she said on the "Today" show Monday.

Sophie Monk

Monk Sophie Monk, the 31-year-old Australian model and ex to “Good Charlotte” singer Benji Madden, admitted to getting collagen injections in 2011 before moving to work in the U.S. Photo: Reuters

Sophie Monk, the 31-year-old Australian model and ex to “Good Charlotte” singer Benji Madden, admitted to getting collagen injections in 2011 before moving to work in the U.S.

“I should have said no, but I trusted the doctor,” Monk said.

Taylor Armstrong


Ever since the October 2010 premiere of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Taylor Armstrong’s lips have been a hot topic. The 41-year-old reality stat admitted to paying more than one visit to her plastic surgeon but, despite criticism, said she enjoys her enhanced appearance.

“It’s not for everyone, but it makes me feel so good, so I do it,” Armstrong told Hollywood Life.



Angela Raiola, or, as she’s known by her fans, Big Ang, has large lips that match her big personality on VH1’s “Mob Wives.”

Raiola, 52, admitted to having her lips injected as well as many other plastic surgeries, even stating she had sponges put in her breasts in 1985.

“They put some sort of plastic collagen stuff [in]. I’m hot, and I think I am sexy, and men like my look, they just love me,” Raiola said.

Lindsay Lohan


After stints in rehab and arrests, actress Lindsay Lohan managed to shock her fans with something new: her appearance in 2010. Lohan took to social media to deny the claims, saying her lips have never been altered, but many friends disagreed and were not fans of her new look.

Jackie Stallone


Jackie Stallone is known for being a women’s wrestling promoter, dancer and astrologer, but even more so she is known for her overdone lips.

Last August, Stallone made an appearance on the red carpet of “The Expendables 2” to support her son, Sylvester Stallone, but the 90-year-old’s lips stole the show. One report called Stallone’s lips “redder than the carpet itself.”

Donatella Versace


Fashion mogul and Versace label head Donatella Versace reportedly swore off of any future plastic surgeries. According to professionals, the 57-year-old has stopped all physical enhancements except lip injections.

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Young told Radar Online that Versace’s lips are “incredibly” large and “way overdone.”

Jackie Zeman


After years of staring on hit soap opera “General Hospital” as Bobby Spencer, portraying a prostitute turned nurse, actress Jackie Zeman had some personal drama to attend to after a bad experience with lip injections.

One plastic surgery website went as far as to call Zeman’s surgery "scary" and comparing her appearance to that of a Muppet. Radar Online named the 60-year-old one of the top-10 soap opera star plastic surgery disasters.