Just like Lady Gaga promised she released Born This Way (The Country Road Version) on Twitter Friday morning.

Yesterday, Mother Monster tweeted. Born This Way is #1 for the 6th week in a row on Billboard, + hit #1 on TOP 40 too! You are so bad ass lil monsters: so I have a surprise!  Immediately after she tweeted, Surprise Monsters!: Born This Way (The Country Road Version) will be released on Twitter tomorrow at 12 am PST/3am EST 3/25

Friday morning Lady Gaga started a countdown by tweeting 8 mins monsters!! (pouring a glass of wine).

Then she finally tweeted a link to the song and said it was Produced by her and Fernando.

Mother Monster recently stopped by the Google offices in San Francisco to answer her fans' questions in an exclusive interview through Google Moderator, an application that allows participants to manage feedback.

Lady Gaga answered the questions as her fans got a more personal look into the pop star's life. She discussed everything from backstage pranks during her tour, her security entourage and her obsession with yoga. She also addressed the issue of bullying, saying that the people that used to bully her now ask her for concert tickets.

Google Moderator was created in 2008 but the interview with Lady Gaga was the first time a celebrity used the application for a press-conference style interview.

Scroll down to listen to Born This Way (The Country Road Version).