Disney studios will go ahead with an updated live action Snow White film. This, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will be a warrior-focused version of the tale under the title The Order of the Seven.

With two live action Snow White films currently being produced, Disney is going to try to take the fairytale of a princess and a group of dwarves in a surprise direction.

Disney is working on distancing the association between their movie and original Brothers Grimm fairytale. The project has reportedly been in development for years and revolves around a storyline focused on an ancient adventure featuring a band of demoralized warriors who are brought back together by meeting an English woman in China.

Early this year the film was in development as Snow and the Seven with a storyline much like the Disney's current version: an Englishwoman travels to Hong Kong for her father's funeral and finds that her stepmother was plotting her murder, bringing her to the warriors for protection.  Rumors of Natalie Portman semi-attached to the project continue to remain as rumors.

This will be the third live action film based on the fairy tale in production.  Snow and the Seven will be in competition with Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart (Twilight) as warrior-in-training princes Snow with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and the Charlize Theron (Hancock) as the evil queen.  Its release date is June 2012.

The other film will be a more traditional retelling of the story with Lilly Collins (Priest) as the lead, Armie Hammer (The Social Network) as the prince and Julia Roberts (Eat Pray Love) as the evil queen in The Brothers Grimm: Snow White releasing March 2012.

Snow and the Seven is set to release in 2013.