Riot Games has announced that champion-themed vision wards are coming to "League of Legends" in a coming patch.

Check out the photos below.


We're not completely sure, but the second and third ward skins seem to be derived from Soraka's and Lux's weapons. The first ward appears to be styled after Draven's mug.

Specially designed wards usually come around during holiday seasons, but Riot Games created these wards skins as a response to "League of Legends" fans and their calls for an increased variety of wards for "non-seasonal occasions." These wards skins will cost 640 RP, though, which is pretty expensive since they're just wards. There are champion skins that cost significantly less, though it's unclear whether 640 RP buys you a single ward skin or a batch of them. These ward skins are currently available for use in the "League of Legends" Public Beta Environment.

What do you think of these "League of Legends" champion ward skins? Do you think 640 RP is too expensive for ward skins? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.