Riot Games has announced the latest champion and skin sale for "League of Legends," the popular MOBA strategy game. The new sale will start Friday and run until Monday. Here's a rundown of the latest price cuts.

Vi, Melee Fighter, 487 RP


Maokai, Tank, 440 RP


Sona, Support Healer, 395 RP


Of the three champions whose prices will be cut when the sale begins Friday, we suspect that Sona will be the most popular purchase due to her ability to succeed on every "League of Legends" map, whether its Summoner's Rift (5 vs. 5), Twisted Treeline (3 vs. 3), Crystal Scar (Dominion) or Howling Abyss (ARAM). Sona is a particularly strong pick for Howling Abyss, the newest "League of Legends" map, because of her ability to heal allies while doing damage from afar. The value of Sona's qualities are amplified on Howling Abyss by the fact the map permits players from returning to their bases to heal themselves, making a healer that much more important.

Here are the skins that will be going on sale:

Arclight Varus, Ranged Carry, 487 RP


Deep Sea Kog'Maw, Ranged Carry, 487 RP


Junkyard Trundle, Melee Fighter, 375 RP


Of the three skins going on sale, we expect Arclight Varus and Deep Sea Kog'Maw to be the most popular choices among bargain hunters this weekend. We're really impressed with the level of detail in both skins -- Kog'Maw especially. Frankly, we find Junkyard Trundle to be somewhat bland.

What do you think of the latest "League of Legends" champion and skin sale? Will you be taking advantage of it? If so, what champions and skins will you be buying? Which of the new skins is your favorite? What champions and skins do you want to see Riot Games put on sale? Sound off in the comments below.