Riot Games has announced the latest champion and skin sale for "League of Legends," the popular MOBA strategy game. Here's a rundown of the latest price cuts on champions.

Ziggs, the AP mage, will see his price decreased to 487 RP. Vladimir, also an AP mage, will see his price get cut to 440 RP. Finally, Urgot, the ranged fighter, will cost 395 RP during this latest "LoL" sale.

We're not in love with any of these champions in particular, but Ziggs offers a lot of harassment potential. We also like that Ziggs' Satchel Charge spell makes it easier for him to escape dangerous situations. His Mega Inferno Bomb spell can also destroy fragile champions during a fight, though Ziggs does seem to fall off late in games against tanky enemy champions.

We like that Urgot can harass enemy champions from afar and use his Hyper-Kinect Position Reverser to pull enemy champions into dangerous situations. Of the three champions on sale now, Vladimir is our least favorite. Vladimir doesn't do the kind of heavy damage we like seeing from mages, which are typically fragile. Vladimir is no exception.

What's more, Vladimir's range in short, making him vulnerable to damage. Sure he can heal himself and has the ability to escape dangerous situations with his Sanguine Pool ability, but he just doesn't deal enough heavy damage to warrant a recommendation from us. Your RP would be better spent on Urgot or Ziggs, though we must reiterate that we don't regard any of these champions as "must-buys."

Here is a rundown of the latest "LoL" skins to go on sale.



Of the three skins on sale, we like Dragon Slayer Jarvan IV and Pentakill Olaf best. Pentakill Olaf looks like Zakk Wylde of Ozzy Osbourne and Black Label Society fame, who looks like a barbarian, which is essentially what Olaf is. Jarvan IV looks absolutely fearsome and intimidating in his Dragon Slayer getup. Imperial Xin Zhao looks a little bland to us.

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