Riot Games has announced the latest champion and skin sale for "League of Legends," the popular MOBA strategy game. The new sale will start Friday and run until Monday. Here's a rundown of the latest price cuts on champions:

Zac, the melee tank/fighter, will cost 487 RP. Kennen, the energy-based AP mage, will cost 440 RP. Heimerdinger, the AP mage, will see his price tag lowered to 395 RP.

It's tough for us to say which of these champions will be the most popular buy when the sale starts tomorrow. Each of these champions is appealing in their own way. We're going to go with Zac, whose survivability and escapability can turn the time in a teamfight. The same can be said for Kennen and her area of effective ultimate spells. Heimerdinger is no slouch either. He can deal out tons of damage, but he doesn't have the kind of escape spells that Zac and Kennen do, so Heimerdinger players have to be a bit more careful in battle. Either way, you can't go wrong with any of these champions.

Here's a rundown on the latest price cuts on "League of Legends" skins.

Blade Mistress Morgana, 375 RP


Boneclaw Shyvana, 260 RP


Justicar Syndra, 487 RP


While each of the above skins clearly feature an impressive amount of detail, we absolutely love Blade Mistress Morgana. We can't decide whether her dress or her black/white wings are our favorite features. She's dark, scary and intimidating: all of the things we went nuts about when the Thresh login theme was released, which you can watch below if you need a reminder. We can't help but get goosebumps...

As for Blade Mistress Morgana, not only does she look awesome, but at 375 RP, the skin is pretty affordable. That's our pick for best deal of this latest "League of Legends" skin sale.

What do you think of the latest "League of Legends" champion and skin sale? Will you be taking advantage of it? If so, what champions and skins will you be buying? Which of the new skins is your favorite? What champions and skins do you want to see Riot Games put on sale? Sound off in the comments below.