Since Aug. 6, 2011, Tottenham and certain other parts in London have witnessed widespread rioting, burglary and public disturbances following the fatal shooting of 29-year old Mark Duggan by Metropolitan police officers.

Hundreds of people gathered near the police station with makeshift missiles, burning police cars and official documents. The unrest that initially began in North London spread to other areas including Manchester, northern England's biggest city.

Rioters in Manchester reportedly set fire to a property in Salford, west of the center, and a clothing retail store in the main shopping area, Greater Manchester Police said.

More than 685 people have been arrested till date and over 16,000 police are still patrolling the streets to prevent further unrest and to identify the looters that destroyed shops wreaking havoc as far north as Enfield and as far south as Croydon.

To identify these looters, the Metropolitan Police has released a set of CCTV photographs of suspected people.

Check out these images to catch glimpse of the 2011 London Riot suspects and looters: