With nearly eight million people, 12.5 percent of the UK population, London's average population density is over 4,900 persons per square kilometer. That's why having one's artwork displayed in the bustling underground, home to the 'tube,' is no small feat.

This June, Art Below  will display an artist's work (1m x 1.5m in size) on a billboard for 2 weeks in one of London's major underground stations.

The organization is currently accepting all entries for the poster competition that will be displayed starting on June 27. There is no theme, no prerequisite, no medium -- all ideas and artists are welcome. 

The company which claims to be the 'only public gallery to use advertising space to display the work of contemporary artists,' is dedicated to promoting art across the globe.

Art Below curates public exhibitions not only in London but also on the streets of Berlin and in the Tokyo metro.

Ben Moore, co-founder of Art Below stated, Art should be, and in some senses already is everywhere, and we believe that it should be for everybody.

The gallery often has a stigma, leading people to perceive art as a closed door, a private establishment, and suggests an exclusive forum which only certain people are encouraged to participate.

Today's urban people lead increasingly busy lives; they often do not have the time to appreciate the value of art. We bring change by taking the art to them. We show art in a new, public context, said Moore.

And with roughly 2 million people taking the tube each day, it seems the underground provides the perfect platform to display art.

Most recently, Art Below took over the London underground with a digital media space in an exhibition called Art in Motion. Short films were projected on wide digital screens, featuring artists creating in their studio and work places. 

The deadline for the poster competition is Monday June 6, and the winner will be announced online before the 27 of June.

Watch a video of 'Art in Motion' at Liverpool Street Station: