Former First Lady Betty Ford, who was a pioneer in the women's equal rights movement and curbing substance abuse, passed away this week.

She was 93 and died with her family at her bedside.

Ford was a pioneer for women's rights, one of the first First Ladies to do so. Before Ford, most First Ladies were simply there to be showcased and didn't usually take any hard stances. She fought hard for the Equal Rights Amendment, which called for full women's equality. She was an unapologetically pro-choice when it came to Abortion.

In addition, Ford, who had her own personal demons with alcoholism and pills, helped people overcome substance abuse with the opening of The Betty Ford Center in 1982.

In a statement, President Barack Obama said Ford was a powerful advocate for women's health and women's rights and someone who helped reduce the social stigma surrounding addiction. Former President George W. Bush said Ford saved many lives with her work in substance abuse.

Here is a brief look back at Ford's life.