YouTube has so far been the destination for video sharing. Now, the Google-owned site is facing a potential threat from Twitter media sharing site, TwitPic, as the startup on Tuesday announced the launch of video support.

Just like uploading a photo you can now upload a video from the site itself, from your phone via email or from supported Twitter/Twitpic clients, Twitpic, which is working towards being the all-in-one media sharing service for Twitter, said on its blog.

Noah Everett (@noaheverett), the founder of Twitpic, has posted a launch video.

However, the videos do not play from within the Twitter interface. As of now, only thumbnails show on Twitter.

The video support on Twitpic is set to bolster Twitter's hold on the social media. The microblogging site has emerged as the favorite platform for people to share developments in personal life as well as news that affects the world.

From the latest on terror related incidents such as the Times Square bombing attempt to the recent Moscow blasts to political unrest across the globe such as the ongoing Egypt protests, Twitter has been flooded with reports from citizen journalists as well as professionals. Twitpic has supported sharing of images and graphics related to the incidents or events that the users were reporting on.

Until now, when users desired to share videos they have been forced to upload videos on YouTube or other video sharing platforms and tweet the link to the video. Now, with Twitpic supporting video files as well, YouTube may become the second choice for Twitter users wanting to share video clips.

The video support will also strengthen pre-existing features such as events and location on the site.

Twitpic has, no doubt, been one of the biggest success stories when it comes to services built solely on Twitter. It boasts of 17 million registered users currently. Now, the introduction of video support on Twitpic raises one other question - Will this be the end of TwitVid?