Lotus Flower Bomb was one of most heavily anticipated song-releases for October. Now, the Lotus Flower Bomb video has dropped.

The hugely popular song is the headlining single from Wale's new album Ambition, out Nov. 1.

We wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite love stories, 'Poetic Justice,' the D.C. native told Rap-Up.com. I play the mailman coming to the salon. It's my acting debut. I feel acting is something I can do easily 'cause I can tell myself that I'm somebody and become them.

The video was shot in Atlanta and is directed by TAJ, according to Rap-Up.com. Wale plays a delivery man who interested in a beauty salon owner.

But the video for Lotus Flower Bomb, featuring Wale and Miguel, has been getting mixed reviews thus far.

Viewers went to Twitter to voice their critiques on the video.

One user posted: Not really feeling that lotus flower bomb video.

Another was happy with the interpretation and wrote: love @Wale new 'lotus flower bomb' video, it took me back to pac and janet in poetic justice....perfection!! muah.

Another compared it to Wale's other videos, saying: Disappointed with this Lotus Flower Bomb Video. Diary + The Breakup Song we're better visually.

Prefixmag.com judges the video with an objective perspective, It's a little predictable, sure, but there's really no other way to go visually with a song like this. Maybe they could have focused on the narrative a bit more, but I also think that's asking too much.

The leading lady and object of Wale's affection is Bre Scullark from America's Top Model cycles five and 17.

Scullark has gotten a decent amount of exposure as of late. She has appears in an Old Navy campaign, Garnier ads, Tyler Perry's new sitcom For Better or Worse, and a guest spot in CSI.

Check out the video for yourself. What do you think? Leave your feedback in the comments section below.