Miles Brock's relationship drama with Amber Hunter and Milan Christopher has played out on Season 2 of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood." In episode 7, Miles finally told Amber, his ex-girlfriend and co-star, that he was gay and in a relationship with Milan. 

While playing Never Have I Ever with Us Weekly, Miles opened up about his complicated relationship with Amber and revealed that they used to be engaged. This news may come as a surprise to some fans because Miles and Amber never mentioned they were once headed down the aisle. 

"I had proposed to her like the sixth year of our relationship," Miles said. "We were probably engaged for about four or five months. We got into a big thing, she threw the ring back and broke up and then got back together. And it was, ‘Maybe the engagement was too early?’ We been through everything under the sun.”

As previously reported, Amber was initially devastated when Miles told her he was gay but she eventually forgave him for lying to her about his sexuality. Earlier this month, the rapper went on an Instagram rant against Miles' now ex-boyfriend Milan and said she will always be by Miles' side. 

“No matter how high or how low our relationship goes. One thing is for certain no man or devilish deed can hold back the God giving gift that God has bestowed upon this man and I," she said. "That is the gift of friendship. We have been through hell and back together, and still our friendship stands.”

In an interview with VH1, Amber also accused Milan of destroying her family with Miles

“Milan is very fake and he’s malicious," Amber said. "He’s not solid and he lies. Milan is a person that’s treacherous. He seen me and Miles together, he knew we were together. What makes you think that it was OK to pursue him relationship wise?”

Miles and Milan ended their rocky romance in October amid rumors Miles had cheated. Milan also got a restraining order against his ex after Miles allegedly attacked the model during a Halloween party.