Fans of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" have watched Soulja Boy and Nia Riley's romance troubles play out on screen this season. As previously reported, female rapper Nas was introduced on Season 2 as Soulja's mistress, which obviously caused problems for Nia and the "Crank Dat" rapper.

At one point, Nia and Nas got into a fight and on Monday's Oct. 26 episode Nia got a surprise visit from her father, Teddy Riley, who wanted to talk about the way Soulja mistreats her. Nia made it clear she wasn't ready to give up on the relationship.

Teddy, however, still has his concerns and revealed to VH1 that he doesn't tune into the show because it’s too hard to watch.

“I don’t watch it all… I can’t do nothing to that gentleman because the simple fact she’s welcoming it," Teddy said. "If she came to me and say, ‘Dad, this dude is trying to hurt me, and hurt me real bad, and I need something done about it?’ Then something would be done about it.” 

Teddy, who admitted he was once just like Soulja, also said the 25-year-old rapper doesn't have any "morals" when it comes to women and life in general.

“I used to be that way, but I learned as I got older the consequences of doing that. I just think a karma way, he better straighten up or he’s going to feel it," Teddy told the site. "The thing about it, he don’t have any morals and when you are dealing with a gentleman who don’t have morals or don’t have feelings, whatsoever, and he’s basically about the façade in what’s going on.” 

He added, “He’s making whatever little money he’s making, doing what he’s doing, but he don’t understand that there’s morals to that. There’s a life to that. I think he’s an irresponsible as a person, period. I think he wings his life.” 

According to All Hip Hop, Soulja reportedly lashed out at Nia's father on Twitter Monday night following the show tweeting to a fan "F--- Teddy Riley that n---- a lame."